17 - 18 May 2017 Ramada Encore Kiev, Ukraine
29 May - 1 June, 2018 Marriott Hotel Monaco
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The CONGRESS ULPGA 2018 program is scheduled to discuss topical issues of global and national prospects for LPG market development. Unique experience of Europe. Features of the national excise policy, construction and safety standards in the liquefied natural gas sector, the state of the Ukrainian market. Sessions of the technology conference will be devoted to the safety systems of the Ukrainian market of liquefied natural gas. The issues of providing LPG, logistics, storage and retail sales will be discussed. Ukrainian producers in a separate session will present news on reconstruction and modernization of enterprises. Gas quality and Technical regulations for liquefied gases will be at the session "New quality standards for liquefied natural gas. Requirements for liquefied gas, which sets new technical regulations. " At least interesting sessions devoted to the Gas equipment and technical solutions for reducing costs in construction, logistics or trade.

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Registration of participants
The official opening of the Congress "Congress ULPGA 2018" of the Ukrainian LPG Association. The format of the events - thematic reports of experts, experts in the LPG sector.


Opening speech 30 min. "Ukraine's LPG steps to the civilized LPG market in Europe".

  • Congratulations to the participants of the "CONGRESS ULPGA 2018" representative of the state authorities. Natalia Boiko, Deputy Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine on European Integration.
  • "A brief review of the" CONGRESS ULPGA 2018 "and the ULPGA Ukrainian LPG Association Report". Stanislav Batratchenko, General Director of the Ukrainian LPG Association ULPGA.

First session 1 h. Analytical review of the LPGmarket. Global and national prospects for LPG market development.

  • "The forecast of the global market for LPG. Overview of the LPG market around the world. The main trading indices that are used in pricing at the LPG market. " Representative of the analytical company. The speaker is specified.
  • "Features of the European market for 2017. What are the prospects of transactions on the European market for LPG? " Samuel Moubanc, General Director  of the European LPG Association.
  • "The market for LPG and petroleum products transportation. Marine supply of lLPG to Ukraine. " Representative of a consulting company. Speaker clarifies.
  • "The domestic LPG market in 2017. Forecasts for 2018 ". Ivan Kudinov, Company "Nefterinko", Consulting Agency of Ukraine.
11:30-12:00 Coffee-break

Second session 1 h 20 minState policy for LPG. Taxes and fees.

  • «Global policy to stimulate the use of LPG ". Haume Lofred, Policy Manager for LNG, European  LPG Association.
  • "Improvement of state regulation and administration of production, import, export and circulation of fuel in Ukraine. Introduction of flow meters ". Representative of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, DFS, Representative Committee of the Supreme Council of Ukraine on Tax and Customs Policy). Speaker clarifies.
  • "Increasing the LPG tax to create minimum reserves. Implementation of Council Directive 2009/119 / EC concerning obligations to provide oil pod stocks ". Representative of the State Reserve of Ukraine. Speaker clarifies.
  • "Healthy competition is a healthy state. Features of the formation and implementation of the competition policy of Ukraine ". Valery Polukhovich. State Commissioner of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine.
  • "Cooperation of business and Customs. Features of Fees and Fees by the Energy Customs in 2017 ".
      Igor Pikovsky Head of Energy Customs DFS of Ukraine
13:20-14:20 Lunch

Third session 1 h 20 min. News of Ukrainian LPG Production. Imported alternative destinations in 2018.

  • Reconstruction and modernization of capacity of Ukrainian LPG production. New brands and LPG quality improvements. Sergey Fedorenko, Commercial Director of Ukrgazvydobuvannya PJSC. New member of ULPGA.
  • "Production of LPG in Ukraine. Is Ukraine capable of supplying itself with LPG? " Artyom Postavny, Sales Manager of the commercial department of the Poltava Petroleum Company JV, a new member of the ULPGA.
  • "Formation of import supplies of LPG to Ukraine. Is expected stability and healthy competition in this market?". Speaker clarifies.
  • "The features of LPG trading on electronic auctions through the electronic trading system. New Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 882 ". Oleksii Lastovets, Deputy Chairman of the Exchange Committee of the Ukrainian Energy Exchange.
15:40-16:20 Coffee-break

Forth session. 1 h 10 min. Ukrainian capacities for the implementation of LPG. Expert view on modern logistics, storage and sales of LPG. "

  • "How to create a powerful retail network for the implementation of LPG? New types of services at AGZP new products at AGZP. Speaker clarifies.
  • "Business plans regarding outdated parks of storage, transportation, sale". Speaker clarifies.
  • "Prospects for rail transport of LPG throughout Ukraine. Costs and Optimization of Logistics. " Speaker clarifies.
  • "Development of the market for storage services, new directions". Vladislav Lobov Company "LPG PROGRESS" Participant of ULPGA.
  • "Volume of necessary permits for transport by Ukraine". Speaker clarifies.

First session 1 h 30 min "Issues of State Control and Safety of LPG Business in Standards and Standards. Cooperation between the Ukrainian LPG Association and State Authorities for the Gas Sector Reform ".

  • "The new state standard DBN 360, assistance or braking in the design and construction of gas facilities. Who needs to increase the sanitary -protective zone of construction AGZP and gas stations three times. " Representative of the developer of State Enterprise "Ukrainian State Research Institute for Urban Design" DIPROMISTO "named after Y.M. Bilokon.
  • "Overloading or shortage of Ukrainian gas carriers is a matter of weight control? What is the method of weighing for determining the dimensions and weight of the vehicle? "Representative of the State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety.
  • "Reform of the law on objects of increased danger. Will you be able to make changes to the law to further develop the industry? " Taras Polishchuk. Representative of the developer of the Law on OPN. Head of the Department of Industrial Safety of the Department for the Prevention of Emergencies of the SNS of Ukraine. Head of the interagency working group on the implementation of Directive 2012/18 / EC of the European Parlament and of the Council of 4 July 2012 on the control of major-accident hazards involving dangerous substances.
  • "Changing of Instructions and Decisions on Introduction of the Tax Code's Rules Regarding Equipment Equipments - Counters of Excise warehouses". Sergei Kotov. Head of the Committee on Safety, Operation, Construction and Quality. Naftogaz Association of Ukraine
11:30-12:00 Coffee-break

Second session. 1 h. 20 min. "New quality standards for LPG. Requirements for LPG, which sets new technical regulations. " 

  • "Technical regulations on LPG. Structure, requirements, tasks ". Oleg Shirokov. Executive Director of the Ukrainian LPG Association.
  • «Stages of introduction to the market DSTU EN589». Representative of the Technical Committee ТК №38, the developer of the standard. Speaker clarifies.
  • "Park of Laboratories and Testing Centers for Quality Control of LPG in Ukraine". Speaker clarifies.
  • "Issues of certification quality and standardization. Establishment of the rules of entrance control ". Speaker clarifies.
  • "Ukrainian Laboratory Structure, Alternative Vision". Representative of Technical Committee №133. Speaker clarifies.
  • "Is there a system of Ukrainian market quality control of liquefied gas ?. Representative of Derzhspozhyvinspektsii. Speaker clarifies.
13:20-14:20 Lunch

Third session. 1 h. "Innovations and current projects in the LPG sector. News and technological solutions in the LPG sector. "

  • "Technical solutions to reduce costs in construction, logistics or trade in the LPG sector." Speaker clarifies.
  • «Types of gas carriers for transportation of LPG and maintenance of gas refueling». Representative of the manufacturer of the company. Speaker clarifies.
  • "Equipped equipment - counters of excise warehouses in accordance with the Tax Code of Ukraine. Is it problematic for business? ". Representative of the manufacturer of the company. Speaker clarifies.
  • "Alternative heating with LPG. Economical choice. " Speaker clarifies.
  • "Production of equipment for all segments of the LPG industry". Representative of the manufacturer of the company. Speaker clarifies.
  • "LPG in the agricultural sector of the state". Speaker clarifies.
15:20-16:00 Coffee-break

Forth session. 1 h. "Gas cylinder equipment - the main driver of LPG market development in Ukraine"

  • "Results of test of cars from GCE, which used LPG, presented by the European LPG Association AEGPL". Speaker clarifies.
  • «New areas of application of the newest technologies of GCE in Ukraine».  Speaker clarifies.
  • «News of the GCE of the company Autogas Italia" . Speaker clarifies.
  • «7th Generation GCE system - these opportunities were not before ". Speaker clarifies.
  • «What should be changed in the GCE and how will the new gas quality affect the prices of GCE?». Speaker clarifies.
  • «On what cars it is not possible to install GCE». Speaker clarifies.
Congress ULPGA 2018
17 - 18 May 2017 Ramada Encore Kiev, Ukraine
29 May - 1 June, 2018 Marriott Hotel Monaco