17 - 18 May 2017 Ramada Encore Kiev, Ukraine
29 May - 1 June, 2018 Marriott Hotel Monaco
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23rd General Assembly ULPGA

«LPG- safe, versatile, affordable
«LPG- safe, versatile, affordable"

Hotel Ramada Encore Kiev, Stolichnoye Shosse 103, Kiev, Ukraine
Event Hall "Kyiv"
May 17 10: 00-17: 30

The main event of the Congress ULPGA 2018 will be the 23rd General Assembly of the Ukrainian LPG Association ULPGA. In previous years, the LPG Forum was the largest sectoral event in Ukraine and one of the largest in the CIS and Eastern Europe. During this time it was visited by about 750 people from 27 countries of the world. This year, Kyiv events will be held in the form of panel discussions with thematic round tables and workshops. Commercial presentations and master classes from world leaders in the LPG sector will expand the circle of our friends and unite around LPG. We have all the preconditions to believe that this year it will be no less saturated. I'm sure that participating in the Congress ULPGA 2018 will contribute to the further unification of market participants.

Why visit the 23rd General Assembly ULPGA «Congress ULPGA 2018»?

Assembly is not a commercial project, but a professional meeting. Participants in the LPG market have the opportunity to meet professional answers to questions that concern them.
The program is formed with the topics that the Ukrainian Association of Liquefied Natural Gas worked on throughout the year.

We professionally conduct reviews in which the participants will participate in the discussion of the current topics of the development of the LPG market, get acquainted with the experience of Europe, in relation to excise policy, the state of the Ukrainian market New approaches to market segments. LPG, logistics, storage and retail sales were discussed. Particularly the participants took part in the discussion on the problems and challenges faced by the LPG sector in Ukraine.

Traditionally, the forum is to be attended by representatives of the European LPG Association, LPG Association of Poland, Verkhovna Rada Deputies, heads of ministries and departments of Ukraine.
The "Congress ULPGA 2018" lens combines new incentives for LPG market development. These are new approaches to the communal sector, and to the market of Autogas. New regulatory documents in the field of permits for selling cylinders at gas stations, simplifying the design and construction of gas facilities, and solving the problems of the HBO market. A separate part of the event will be devoted to the system of ensuring the Ukrainian market of liquefied gas. Issues and features of supplies from Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus have been and remain the focus of the speakers. Equally relevant is the issue of domestic Ukrainian LPG production and the quality of the Autogas.

2018 promises to show record sales. A separate block of discussion will be devoted to the profitability of retail sales of Autogas and competition in this interesting area of the Ukrainian market.

A priority issue for the forum participants will be the increase and avoidance of unreasonable additional tax burden on liquefied gas.

Excise policy in Ukraine for liquefied gases in 2018-2020.

In the Ukrainian society, between the participants in the energy market, discussions on the excise policy in relation to energy resources are constantly being discussed in the branches of the Ukrainian government. The realities of Ukraine's life require that politics be logical, balanced and based on European experience. The need for further improvement of the norms of the Tax Code of Ukraine, concerning excise duty rates, for the sale of petroleum products will be in force every year.

Consequently, at the present stage, fiscal regulation of liquefied gas is closely linked with solving environmental pollution problems, namely, the liquefied gas is an environmentally friendly energy carrier. It is also important to solve economic and social problems. Ukrainians saved on the consumption of LPG as an alternative fuel over the last 2017 more than 30 billion UAH.

Undoubtedly, the Ukrainian energy market needs even more detailed analysis of the structure of energy taxes, taking into account such important indicators of the state's development as the consumer basket, average wages, average pension and inflation.

At the 23rd General Assembly, participants will discuss on the need to increase the excise rate on LPG.

Congress ULPGA 2018
17 - 18 May 2017 Ramada Encore Kiev, Ukraine
29 May - 1 June, 2018 Marriott Hotel Monaco