17 - 18 May 2017 Ramada Encore Kiev, Ukraine
29 May - 1 June, 2018 Marriott Hotel Monaco
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Activities in Kiev


Hotel Ramada Encore Kiev, Stolichnoye Shosse 103, Kiev, Ukraine
Event Hall "Kyiv"
May 17 10: 00-17: 30
May 18 10: 00-17: 00

Congress ULPGA 2018 starts preparing for work!

The 23rd General Assembly of the Ukrainian LPG Association (ULPGA) will be the main event in Kyiv. The second day is the All-Ukrainian technological conference UTC. During the forum's work it is planned to hold a thematic exhibition.
We have all the preconditions to believe that this year it will be no less saturated. Sure, that participating in the Congress ULPGA 2018 will contribute to the further unification of market participants.

On May 17, 2018, the LPG celebration coincides with the state holiday. For UASG it's already a tradition when sector specialists are going to this very day. The day of embroidery in Ukraine is a holiday when Ukrainians dress in embroidery and spend together for their nation.

The World Embroidery Day is celebrated annually on the third Thursday of May. The day of a vyshyvanka does not have any political grounds, the holiday is intended to popularize Ukrainian culture and traditions.

Embroidery Day: Holiday History
For the first time, the Day of the embroidered shirt was suggested by one of the students of the Faculty of History of the Chernivtsi National University in 2006. She was inspired by a friend who constantly wearing embroidery. Several students and teachers of the Chernivtsi University dressed in embroidery in that year, and this holiday has now become internationally significant.

The date is not official yet, it's a relatively new national holiday. But the extent of the tradition of wearing embroidery is impressive: such a variety of embroidery, as on the third Thursday of May, you will not see anywhere.


Day of embroidery in Kiev
On the Day of Embroidery in the cities, organizes mass festivals.

On this day, interesting competitions in the network are organized, for example, "The best embroidery" or "Best photo" in vintage. In 2015, the action "Give the embroiderer to the defender", which has become world-wide, was launched - around 50 countries took part in it. Vyshyvanki were handed to ATO fighters who participated in hostilities in the Donbas.

On this day, photographs embroidered in the net are spread not only by Ukrainians but also abroad.


History of embroidery and tradition
The history of embroidery on the territory of Ukraine has not been one thousand years. Of particular importance has come in the last few centuries. Preferably, embroidered girls. Before the wedding, a special chest was prepared, in which years dowry was collected. The poorest girl had 30-40 shirts, the average abundance of 50-70 shirts, and rich - 100 and more.

According to the belief, the mother's or grandmother had to embroider the baby's shirt. During the fine work the master sang songs and prayed. They believed that this shirt became a shade. Shirts for women spin only from hemp or flax. It was believed that these plants protect the future mother and her unborn baby.

Day of embroidery in Ukraine
The Ukrainian embroidery is known throughout the world

At the end of the 19th century, the whole of Europe spoke about Ukrainian traditional clothes, which is hardly surprising. In 1876 Olena Pchilka published an album of Ukrainian embroideries. The Ukrainian ornaments charmed those fashionistas, and in Ukraine itself began the first research on embroidery.

Celebrities in embroidery
Hollywood stars and overseas singers look great in embroidery.

Now elements of Ukrainian embroidery are used by fashion designers and fashion houses recognized by the world - Jean-Paul Gottier, John Galliano, Gucci, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana in their collections. And in 2015, the American Vogue published an article in which he described the Ukrainian embroidery as one of the main trends of the season.

Stars of show business are also delighted with Ukrainian embroidery. In the period of the European Football Championship in 2012 in Ukraine, Madonna bought a Ukrainian embroidered vest. Also, they like to wear embroidery Mila Kunis, Dita von Tiz, Sandra Bullock.

Today, girls do not have to embroider their embroidery before the wedding - it's easy to buy. But the tradition of embroidering is also reviving. Masters combine different patterns and patterns, flower embroidery is popular. Yes, and the cut of his shirt has changed - it is in keeping with time. If in ancient times, mainly embroidered with red, black and white threads - today the palette is much larger.

In addition to the Embroidery Day, Ukrainians are increasingly dressing national clothes for other major holidays, state and religious - Independence Day, Constitution Day or Flag Day, Easter, Christmas.

Ukrainian couturier Oksana Karavanska told about the importance of embroidery in the world

"The first and main secret of her popularity is the incredible beauty of the Ukrainian embroidered embroidery, the second secret is the incredible number of ornaments, drawings and embroidery from all regions of Ukraine, they are so different from each other! It's an incredible variety!" Third, all those unpleasant moments that take place in our policy, everything that Ukraine experiences in the world today, of course, is no longer at peak and time, but when the whole world wanted to support Ukraine, it turned to culture, its history, its origins, when people see Ukrainian embroidery îíè just can not resist is to acquire such krasyvennu thing.

With embroidery, we showed the world all the beauty that was created by not famous artists, and was created by the Ukrainian ordinary, absolutely ordinary woman, who sat in the evening embroidered absolutely what she had in mind. If you did not have a strong talent for embroidery, then redraw the patterns from your girlfriends.

My grandmother had a very beautiful embroidered embroidery, and she told me that she did not give her drawings anyone. When she went to church, her friends stood with leaves just redrawn. This is what is commonly everyday, folk, all-Ukrainian. When people can create such a beauty, it already has a high cultural level. That is, the country deserves the right to be called a cultural one. "

Do not forget to prepare your best embroidery on Thursday to join this bright and patriotic holiday!

We wish success!

Dear colleagues, partners and friends!

It is a great honor for me as the General Director of ULPGA to welcome you at the Events in Kyiv, which will start the annual "Congress ULPGA 2018" of the Ukrainian  LPG Association. On behalf of ULPGA, I express my respect and invite all those who cooperate with the LPG sector, as well as the consumers of our product, to take part in the Congress.
In 2015, ULPGA launched annual meetings on the site of the National Congress of the Ukrainian LPG market. Traditionally, we are going to the Ramada Encore Kiev hotel complex. Previous events "Congress ULPGA" were the largest sector event in Ukraine and one of the largest in CIS and Eastern Europe.
This year the forum opens the 23rd General Assembly of the ULPGA: an event planned to gather for representatives of the European LPG Association of AEGPL Association, LPG Association of Poland POGP, deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, heads of ministries and departments of Ukraine, as well as participants of the liquefied gas market of the EU and CIS countries . The second day will be no less intense: the participants will have the opportunity to attend the All-Ukrainian technological conference UTC where business presentations of specialists who deal with security, construction, transport and equipment of objects will be presented.
2018 promises to showcase new record sales. We want our business to be even more developed and secured, united. The government's policy towards LPG was pragmatic and well-grounded. State regulation was unbearable and balanced. The new approaches that ULPGA offers to the utility sector and to the market of Autogas is aimed at increasing profits and sales volumes. Reforming the regulatory framework, quality of gas, simplifying the design and construction of gas facilities, providing the Ukrainian LPG market , namely the domestic Ukrainian LPG production, these issues are of concern to market participants. The profitability of the retail sales of Autogas, the tax burden on business and the provision of the Ukrainian LPG market are the main topics for the development of the LPG market.
I hope that the meeting will be held traditionally in a warm and friendly atmosphere, and will benefit your business and the Ukrainian LPG market as a whole!
 General Director of the Ukrainian LPG Association
Stanislav Batratchenko
Activities in Kiev
Congress ULPGA 2018
17 - 18 May 2017 Ramada Encore Kiev, Ukraine
29 May - 1 June, 2018 Marriott Hotel Monaco